A different kind of news

Ask anyone who knows and they will tell you that internet news is changing the way people get information. But what is the big deal with online news? What makes blogger news so much better and more revolutionary than non blog news? Well, the reality is that bloggers and their blogging are about a lot more than what they might seem to be on the surface. Blog news represents a fundamental shift in the way people access information and in who has access to information. Prior to the rise of blog news, information about events and developments had to be funneled through major news distributors if your average person was to be made aware of it. Not only did this limit information distribution to people with access to those sources, it also made the news subject to the bias of the provider. Everyone can think of at least one example of biased reporting in their lives, and that was the reality for all news everywhere. Due to this funneling effect, the news became a political tool, something that could be altered and manipulated to produce a desired effect or opinion.

After the growth of blog news, this began to change although the change is not complete yet. News is still subject to the bias of the producer, in this case the person running the blog. What has changed however, if that blog news diversifies the production network. Now there are more choices for where to get news from than ever before. While this has not eliminated bias, it has provided for tools to cross reference information and establish what is factual from what is rhetoric. It may sound like a small change, but the dissemination of information has shaped the fate of countries, better accesss to news information can only help. Find more on this topic here.

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