Finding Virtual Receptionists

Telephone answering services

In an increasingly cyber-connected world, many companies are hiring virtual receptionists to answer the phones, take messages, et cetera for the professionals working at a given venue. Outsourcing this type of work to virtual receptionists whenever possible has many different benefits. For instance, virtual receptionists are often independent contractors, so the need to pay for employee benefits, et cetera is absent. Additionally, the need to make proper office space and pay extra liability insurance for an additional traditional employee makes virtual receptionists an even more attractive and cost-effective option from this perspective.

It should also be noted that many virtual receptionists out there right now are highly-trained professionals who are quite good at what they do, so you need not sacrifice quality of service for affordability. Determine how many hours you would need any virtual receptionists to work for you, what their specific duties and responsibilities might be, and how much you can afford to pay them, and then move forward from there. You can also take this opportunity to draft any necessary or prudent non-disclosure agreements if your virtual receptionists of choice are going to be in charge of taking down and handling sensitive information of any kind.

At this point, search the web for reviews of virtual receptionists in general. Read through the options carefully, and see what others in your position have had to say on the subject. Make sure that any firm that employs virtual receptionists that you may be considering is a solidly reputable venue, as noted by at least two different and unaffiliated websites. Once you are fairly certain that you have a solid crop of virtual receptionists to choose from, inquire about resumes, availability, pricing, et cetera. Review the applications for the job carefully, and choose the virtual receptionists who best fit the criteria you are looking for.

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