How to unlock Blackberry Torch

A lot of people have successfully unlocked their Blackberry, including Blackberry Torch. Mostly they just want the freedom to use other provider. For whatever reasons you have that make you want to unlock Blackberry Torch, you can easily do these in very simple steps. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps and you will be able to your device.

To unlock Blackberry Torch, you have to have two things. First is unlock Blackberry Torch code and the second is a different SIM card. Getting a different SIM card is easy. Now, the main problem people encounter when they unlock blackberry torch is the unlock code. This is repeatedly entering a wrong code will permanently lock the device. It is important therefore to get the right unlock code. One can get the right code from the provider although at present many providers have stopped giving unlock code to their customers. Aside from the providers one can get unlock codes from the different sites that offer them so getting one should be relatively easy. Of course one should trust only reliable sites. Read the comments of those who have previously purchased unlock Blackberry Torch codes.

Now, there are actually two ways to unlock Blackberry Torch. The first way to unlock Blackberry Torch is the easier way. First, one turns off the phone and then insert a different SIM card. Then turn it on. Once it is on, it will prompt you to enter the unlock code. Once you have entered the unlock code, press enter. The phone should be unlocked by now supposing you have entered the correct unlock code. After that, reboot it by taking off the battery and inserting it again. Turn on the device. Then from the Managed Connections, you now turn on the Mobile Network.

The other way to unlock Blackberry Torch is more complicated. Again, this time insert the SIM, turn it on and go to Managed Connections and turn off all connections. Then go to Options, choose Device, click Advanced Systems Settings and click SIM. Then type the letters MEPD and then type MEP2. Then enter the unlock code. You will know that you have the right code if it shows Code Accepted. Then reboot the phone by removing the battery, inserting it again and turning it on. Go now to Managed Connections and then choose the Restore Connections. The device is now unlocked. You can use this method if the first one does not work.

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