Stormwater Pollution and the damage it can bring

Stormwater pollution may not be a common phrase among homeowners or apartment dwellers, but it is a necessary thing for any builder, contractor or home repair expert to bear in mind. Stormwater pollution prevention plans are required by law to be instituted whenever a construction site begins. During times of storms and heavy rains, the water that ensues can be extremely damaging to the environment. By taking the proper precautions to prevent stormwater pollution, any contractor can take the steps to keep the local environment safe.

If a construction site is digging or drilling down into the ground, stormwater pollution can enter a local communities water supply. Sometimes some rural communities survive on well water. If a construction crew is using chemicals such as spray insulation and accidentally leave them uncovered, they could run into the ground, creating dangerous conditions for anyone using that water.

Stormwater pollution prevention plans can also help to prevent damage to soil, crops and plants. Entire crops can be poisoned or washed away if toxic materials are washed into the soil they are planted in. If a local community depends on that farm for a local market, the problem only intensifies. No one can underestimate the potential damage that pollution can do to any community.

Stormwater pollution can also be dumped into lakes and rivers as well, which disturbs the natural ecosystem. Plant life can be destroyed, as well as fish and other natural wildlife. When the ecosystem and food chain are interrupted an entire environment can unravel, leading to imbalance. Another natural predator can come in and dominate, or the area could become barren and unable to support certain animals.

Proper stormwater pollution can allow any builder, homeowner or anyone else take proper precautions to make sure that their local environment is protected. Hazardous materials can be kept out of the way and properly disposed of, and water can be piped away safely into the right areas. Any builder can still get the job done effectively while also taking the right precautions to protect and preserve the environment.

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