How I Submit My Blog for Free Traffic

A blog is used for different uses depending on what the person wants. However, I do own one blog which centralizes on money and fitness. Due to my passions, I thought I would share with the world of how I submit my blog that helped propel me to get better paying opportunities to come my way while getting free traffic.

What I did after I submit my blog was to contact all of my current and past friends and relatives and co workers to pass the word about my blog. That way, if they are reading it, they might like it. Free traffic is possible to get when you are so focused on showing the whole world of what you can do and how you can help them.

The next one I also do to submit my blog was to use the correct keywords and tag lines which may help boost my traffic more because people will use the search engines to look for things. A good example would be money, how to make extra income at home and so forth. The idea here is that you should think creatively when you want to earn more income while helping people at the same time.

The search engines are another free way to submit my blog. How you do that is to look for the area where you can submit my link to a site of theirs. Within a certain amount of time, your site would be included in the search engine. What it does take is the spider to crawl over your site which I just mentioned the keywords and tag lines as the basis of it.

Social media sites are usually free to have an account at which basically include Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you combine the three sites, you will be able to maximize your time on getting free traffic. That is what I do every day to submit my blog for more free traffic.

Forums and maybe chat rooms are another spot worth looking into which is what I did to submit my blog. By getting to know other people that may have the same interest as I do, I will be able to become friends with them and may get to exchange links with each other. Free traffic is the name of the game here.

Now you know some of my secrets on how I submit my blog, do it now.

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