What Situations Qualifies For Commercial HVAC Repairs and Replacements – Work Flow Management

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You should replace to replace your HVAC unit completely, which is an important difference. The video below, an expert walks you through what you should be thinking about prior to making that costly choice.

These decisions should be made prior to summer starting because equipment malfunctions typically occur during summer when the temperature increases. When a system ages repair work must be done more frequently. It may not be cost-effective for you to maintain an identical unit more than once throughout the year.

Commercial HVAC equipment lasts for about 15 years. However, this depends on how meticulous you are regarding maintaining them, as well as your track record of service. Energy bills may increase as your equipment gets older due to the inefficiency of an old system. Such decisions could have an adverse effect on your finances, so be certain to take the right option for yourself!


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