What to Know About a Trailer Brake Controller –

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There are plenty of equipment for trailering available, none are as helpful as a quality trailer brake controller. The device stops a trailer’s fishtailing at the time of stopping. This is essential especially for heavy loads and when traveling in adverse weather.

To control the brakes on trailers, there are two types of the modes: proportional and time delayed. A proportional controller utilizes a sensor in the tow vehicle. Sensors feed data into a controller , which alters the strength of the brake. A proportional controller can give the illusion of steadily expanding the brake force on trailers, and performs better in harsh brake situations. Modern brake controllers aren’t connected to brakes, and function independently. Instead, they monitor the changes in inertia of the vehicle using an accelerometer.

Furthermore, it’s much simpler to work with a controller that is time-delayed. Because it sends the same signal to your brake lights, it allows for a much simpler process. The weight of the trailer, along with the surface of the road is a major factor in setting the brake force , as well as delay.


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