How Do Foam Fire Supression Systems Work? – Rochester Magazine

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able benefits. If they are not controlled the fires can do some serious damage. In the event that a fire becomes too out of control the first thought you have in mind is how to stop it. There are various methods available to stop fires. Some methods are much more prevalent than others. Foam is one of several methods for reducing fire. Foam fire-suppression System Initial Test is a video that can aid you in understanding the process. The video will explain the fundamentals of the foam fire-suppression system in an easy-to-understand manner.

The foam fire suppression system works almost the same way as sprinklers. The foam fire suppression system makes use of foaming and water. The method for extinguishing fires can be utilized to eliminate big fires, or in difficult to reach locations. It basically does two things. When it is in contact with the flame, its water content is an agent of cooling. Foam in contrast, forms a layer between the burning fire and oxygen in the air, reducing the combustibility. The fire suppression method is standard for places which contain high-combustible material including warehouses, jet engine testing locations. They are highly beneficial and effective. Inspections on a regular basis are essential to make sure your system is working properly.


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