Watch a Barn Wood Siding Installation – Melrose Painting

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The same as standard wood siding. For any building project, you must ensure you have the correct tools and supplies. For example, if you intend to make use of pressure-treated lumber, you will need to buy treated lumber at a local store. A few additional supplies may need to be purchased, for instance, screws and nails. Once you’ve picked your items you can cut them down to dimensions that will fit your work. Prior to cutting any piece of lumber, you must measure. This is the time to put together your framing setup.

Join the sheathing on your wall’s exterior. First, you must remove the old sheathing, and afterwards, you can lay down your new sheathing to cover all the wall surface. Do not extend the sheathing too much since it must allow for air circulation. Join the sheathing by driving screws through the sheathing and onto the rods. The barn’s exterior will need to be stained or painted. The best way to apply the finish following the barn has been assembled. Utilize a brush to apply the finishing. Ensure that you apply multiple coats until you have the desired color. Finally, attach hardware to the door and windows. To ensure your windows are secure with hinges or latches, install them.

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