Plumbers Keep Making These Mistakes – Source and Resource

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re so many factors that could go wrong. It’s important to pay careful attention to each and every little detail to avoid making a mess. This video will teach you how to stay clear of common plumbing errors.

First, you should install Teflon tape in the wrong direction. Many people install the tape counterclockwiseand think it does not matter what how it’s installed. However, it is one of the places where attention to detail is crucial. It is best to install the Teflon tape counterclockwise. It will cause it to break with time. It is also possible for the fitting to be looser, which could lead to a leak. So, ensure that you make sure to install Teflon tape clockwise.

Another common plumbing error is not tightening the fitting properly. This is yet another example of the attention to detail required. The excess tension on a fitting could result in it breaking and cause serious difficulties. One trick for tightening the fitting properly is to measure the size of the threads. You can determine how deep the fitting must be by measuring the diameter of threads.


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