Different Window Types – Melrose Painting

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More attractive designs are superior. That’s why you need to be aware of the options available. In this article, we are going to examine different kinds of windows.

Single-hung windows are the very first type of window. This is a window that has two sections separated by the middle and the bottom section can slide up and down. Another benefit to this type of window is that they’re easy to maintenance.

Sliding windows are another type which is like a single-hung window. However, these windows open horizontally instead of vertically. Slider windows are straightforward to repair and permit full venting from top to bottom.

Picture windows can be divided in six segments. This window is a nice appearance and could be incorporated into several different styles. The window is also built using energy-efficient glass.

The last window that we’ll talk about is the bay window. The windows are sloping outward, that creates an area for viewing. This type of window may have enough space to allow an area for sitting inside.

All in all, they were four kinds of windows you could use to decorate your home.


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