What Does It Mean to Have Gun Liability Insurance? – Mezzanine Financing Legal News

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It also requires gun owners to pay a fixed annual fee, expected to be about $25 to fund programs aimed to reduce gun violencethe law will take place in the month of August, notwithstanding any court actions. The law reads “A resident of the City and owns or possesses firearms within the City shall obtain and continuously ensure full and effective apply a homeowner’s or renter’s or the insurance for gun-related liability from an insured insurer or an acknowledged insurer in accordance with the California Insurance Code”. There’s a potential problem, but for firearm owners that don’t possess firearm liability insurance as part of their renters or homeowners insurance policies “No major national or regional insurance company offers separate gun liability protection.”

This law requires firearm owners to fill out a “city-designated attestation” in order to demonstrate they’ve got insurance. They must also carry this form in the firearm in all instances, even while travelling with the gun. It is possible to confiscate the gun in the event the owner doesn’t comply with this ordinance. y28gsklyzi.

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