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If you look at the chart, there are two main types. The clay and concrete are one of the main materials utilized in a tile roof. Every material comes with its advantages which is why in this article we’ll explore them.

Many years ago, clay tile was used for roofing. Clay tiles are great for safeguarding against hail and fire. Clay tiles are long-lasting and will last for a quite a long time. Water protection is also important and clay roofs won’t soak up the same amount of water as concrete, which is why they are ideal for rain.

Tile roofing with concrete is a newer product. Concrete tiles are lighter than clay tiles, so they are less costly to install. Concrete roofing is less durable than clay. Concrete roofs can be durable while clay roofing could be able to last for many years.

In the end, both of these materials make for a great roof. A professional roofing service is the ideal choice when seeking a roofing contractor. The company that is roofing can help you decide what kind of material would work best for your home, but make sure you keep these details to your memory.


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