Understanding Oil and Gas – Source and Resource

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The most significant fossil fuels in the world. These fuels power our daily life through the use of trains, cars and planes among others. In this piece, we are going to look at where oil and gas come from and how we can access these resources.

First thing you need to know about these sources is that they’re not renewable. Oil and gas are used today took billions of years to develop. The video explains that millions of years are small organisms dying and sinking to the bottom of the ocean. While these organisms were in the depths of the ocean, they morphed into oil in the course of time.

The gas and oil fell further into ground, where they’d be until the movement of the earth caused them to rupture cracks. Even though some natural gas eventually get into the pipeline but the vast majority of these resources remain beneath the ground.

Geologists utilize a range of methods to map the crust of the Earth , in order to discover pockets of gas or gas. After a pocket of gas or gas is found, it’s removed from the pockets through an encapsulation process.


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