The Most Unusual Pizza Toppings – Entertainment Videos

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zza is a food that is loved by many people. It is delicious and business delivers pizzas on the spot. Many people enjoy pizza with a wide variety of different methods. In this video we will discuss some of the most bizarre pizza toppings.

Crocodile pizza was the first pizza type on this list. The Australian Heritage Hotel is home to this pizza. There is also the option of ordering Emu and Kangaroo pizzas. There is also a haggis-based pizza. It’s the official food of Scotland. In reality, this pizza is fairly popular. On our next list is the reindeer pizza at the chagrin of Santa. It’s extremely sought-after in Italy. It’s also known as Berlusconi. Pizza made of green peas is another type of pizza. It is among the healthier choices. Though not very popular within the United States, green peas pizza is popular across other nations. Some countries even put mayonnaise on pizza. Dominos Japan even offers a whole line of mayonnaise-based pizzas. As you can see, there are plenty of unusual pizzas out there. Are you willing to try one of them?


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