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It is also possible to use masking tape to indicate the boundary of the space that you wish to paint. The tape should be in line with those lines already present that are on the road. They will have the ability to blend in with the painting perfectly when they’re applied.

Use Chalk on Existing Lines

Chalk lines serve as a reference for striping of parking spaces. The chalk lines are used to provide a reference line to help stripe parking lots.

To draw chalk lines manually at the site, you’d just need to walk along the parking lane, or driving stall edge and create a line for the paint crew can use. An outline is required for preventing machines from going too far from their lines.

Striping the parking lot is a part of getting your parking space for its use which offers the best chance for saving money, as well as the highest chance of losing money. There are many methods to lay your stripes. If improperly done the stripes could pose a risk and cause issues for drivers.

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