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The video below will demonstrate. The front is comprised of four components: the transmission, the clutch pedal as well as the clutch pedal. The drive shaft. You can gauge the power output of the drive shaft by looking at the shifting pattern. The higher gears will allow more vehicle movement. It will also include an option to Hi/Lo that lets users to select the type of desired gear.

Five main gears are located at the front of the truck’s transmission. They range between 1 and 5 on low to 6 through 10 , on the high. You can adjust the range of gears through the addition of an auxiliary section. An main shaft can be situated in the front and an auxiliary shaft for high gear. There is also an option to reduce the low gear. The countershaft auxiliary assemblies function to spin the whole device. An elongated clutch (pieplate) can be used to draw the outline of the shaft’s main part. To guarantee smooth operation the parts are made of the material of friction and also clutching teeth. You can also find mating surfaces which are both high and low-range.

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