It’s the Season of HVAC Preparation and Repair –

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Air conditioning and heating personnel are also able to clean the compressor of the unit in both the indoors and outdoor areas by using a specific brush for cleaning the fins. It is necessary to disassemble the unit and then reassembled.

Do not call an HVAC contractor to handle complex AC repairs that occur in spring. Make sure that the HVAC maintenance personnel inspect your condensate drain lines for any clogs. If caught in time, clogs can be fixed quickly. They typically clean the lines by using bleach solutions to repair the issue before covering your HVAC system in winter.

It’s the ultimate step to protecting your AC air conditioning system from winter weather. Make sure to cover the condenser unit (outdoor unit) with a cover to ensure that there is no moisture or snow can get to it. You will be a blessing to your HVAC system when you return to the air conditioner in spring. Additionally it will be able to run more efficiently in winter. 9xtlbbcpce.

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