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The problem with hiccups is that they can give you stomach pains, difficulties swallowingand can cause indigestion. We need to understand why there are hiccups.

Hiccups are caused by irritation to the airway. If, for instance, your lungs are overloaded and have a lot of food in your stomach, it can irritate your airway and cause you to be hiccupping uncontrollably. The answer to hiccups is in the source of the problem. If you are experiencing irritation to your airway, the most effective solution is to try to get it out. To get the irritating substance out of your throat out, burp. According to the video doctor one of the best methods to stop hiccups from occurring is to pour the water into a glass in the opposite direction to how you normally drink it. Instead of getting the glass to your mouth, gently tip the glass in the direction of the forward point and then put your lips on the glass to catch the water. v8mwglhdw3.

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