Five Things Locksmiths Wish You Knew

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Getting locked out of your house or car is bad enough, but not having the number of a local locksmith in your phone is even worse. It’s a good idea to keep that number saved just like 911 in case of emergencies. In fact, locksmiths like it when you’re able to build a rapport with them and rely on them for their continued services. You probably didn’t know that, did you? Here are five other quick facts residential and auto locksmiths wish you knew about their services.

Call one, and only one, home or auto locksmith.

Nothing offends a locksmith more than showing up to a call and seeing a competitor’s van already there. You might think it’s to your benefit to dial multiple local locksmiths in hopes that this will increase your chances of one arriving sooner, but it’s not. In fact, it’s the cardinal rule of dealing with any kind of locksmith (auto, home or otherwise). Pick one — likely the closest one — and stick to it.

The cost will depend on the type of call.

In a perfect world, we’d never lock ourselves out of our cars. Or if we did, it would be on a beautiful Saturday when our schedules are clear and we can simply wait on the hood of our cars and enjoy the balmy afternoon air. However, we live in the real world, which means we don’t get to enjoy such pleasures. Emergency calls will typically cost a bit more, especially if they happen at inconvenient times of day (4 a.m., anyone?). Be prepared for a cost commensurate to the circumstances.

Don’t attempt to break into your own car.

You might think it’s an emergency, but unless it’s a matter of life or death, it’s not in your best interest to try to break into your own car to retrieve your keys. In fact, doing so often results in hundreds of dollars in damages to your door panel, which is substantially more than you’d pay for an auto locksmith service. Be smart about your misfortune and wait it out.

Locksmiths can make the safest key copies.

If you think the job of a home or auto locksmith ends when he or she lets you back into your house or car, you’re wrong. Plenty of little shops advertise key copying services, but the best locksmiths can do it more safely than them, especially since they’re bonded, which means they’re backed by insurers to perform the best possible service for you. Don’t leave your home or car safety to chance; look up a residential or automotive locksmith to have your keys copied securely.

They’re deadbolt experts, too.

That’s something not a lot of people know about home and even car locksmiths. When you get new locks installed in your house or in your car, the installer is likely a laborer who’s following a set of plans in order to fulfill the job. But only a locksmith can accurately gauge the kind of security that deadbolt or lock system is actually providing for you. If you ever have any doubts about your safety, call up a home or auto locksmith and get a quick evaluation. After all, that’s what they’re there for. Helpful sites:

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