Are You Thinking About Investing in Pet Insurance? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know

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Did you know that the dog’s average life expectancy is 8 to 15 years? Because of this shorter life span, it is important to take your dog to the vet more than just once a year for a checkup. Because of the fact that dogs do not live anywhere near as long as humans, it is important to not use the same ideology when it comes to making an appointment with your doctor for a yearly checkup. If you are not able to afford biyearly checkups for your dog, then you might want to compare pet insurance premiums so that it is not so much of a financial burden for you. Here are a few important facts you need to know about the best pet insurance reviews before you start looking for a plan for your pet.

The older your animal, the more you’ll have to shell out in premiums no matter how much you compare pet insurance rates. Some insurers will actually not cover pets older than 9 years old. Some will allow for older animals, but they will often levy stiff surcharges.

Animals who are allowed outside have more accidents, contract more illnesses and take a bigger toll on the environment than pets that are kept in homes and only let outside under supervised circumstances. This might not always be a possibility, but if you can keep your animal inside more, it could actually save your pet’s health and your wallet in the long run.

Some pet insurance policies will also pay out when the pet dies, or if it’s lost or stolen. If this is something that you would find helpful, then you should look for policies that specify it. They might not all offer these kinds of policies, so it might be necessary to shop around a little bit.

In 1982, the first pet insurance policy was sold in the United States, and issued to television’s Lassie by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI). These days, they are getting more and more popular as vet bills continue to climb in price.
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