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Website grader

A free website grader tool can help you to improve your website’s performance, visibility, and appeal. Whether you are new to website design or have been working on it for a while, a website grader tool can help you to catch coding errors and evaluate you and your website’s performance so that you can improve them. As more and more businesses rely more and more on websites as one of their main marketing venues, the field will become increasingly competitive, so enhancing professionalism and performance through website grader tools and other media will become correspondingly important.

There are several ways that you can increase your website’s appeal and marketing performance. Typography is still an important way of making your site visually appealing, even if many people neglect this now. Website grader tools can help you to find HTML and CSS coding errors, saving you debugging time and increasing your site’s performance. Some website grader tools can also do SEO website analysis to help you enhance your website’s search engine results rank and visibility with SEO principles. Wikipedia shows up on the first page of one word search results about 80% of the time, so they are actually one of your main competitors for SEO. Also, simple changes like adding geographic keywords can help, especially mobile device searches, where they increase click through rates by as much as 200%.

Also, ensuring that you have a social media presence and that you have it advertized on your website can make you more visible, especially to mobile users. Over 90% of mobile internet use is done on social media sites, so establishing a presence on each of the major social media sites and drawing potential customers’ attention to it can also help to increase your web traffic and thereby your sales.

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