Need Your Presentation Printed and Bound in an Hour?

Printers in dc

The first printed book was the Gutenberg Bible, of which its first run included 48 copies in mid 15th Century Germany. Back then, it was produced on a printing press with movable metal type that was painstakingly altered for each letter in the text. How long did the production of the 1,200-page volume take, you ask? A mere five years. Ouch.

Well, thankfully printing technology has come a long way since 1450s Germany. But, if you’re in a last minute jam and need printing done pronto, the whole process can seem just as tedious. That is why if you’re in need of printing help, the printing companies in Washington DC that you turn to depend on what type of printing you’re looking for.

Say, for example, you’re on a tight deadline to quickly produce four copies of your 100-page thesis and your home printer spews out a measly one page per minute. You’re in luck because there are countless printers in DC (some are printing companies and some are office supply stores) that can usually give you a turnaround time of less than an hour or two.

The same holds true if you quickly need mass quantities of invitations or anything on thicker bonded paper or card stock. Typical home office printers can not handle this kind of task, but many printing companies in Washington DC can supply both the paper and the labor for a nominal fee. Not only do many printing companies in Washington DC have the technology to efficiently print your project, but they have the staff that can quickly upload, paginate, bind, or even mail your order (if you so desire).

Other custom printing needs can get a bit trickier, which is why utilizing a printing service is often a necessity (and a no brainer). Personalized clothing, writing utensils, desktop accessories, you name it, can be branded with your name or logo by a professional printer. Keep in mind that these orders are usually more cost effective if purchased in bulk, and the lead time for production is longer than a simple paper job. However, whatever your printing needs may be, you are surely going to find printing companies in Washington DC that serve specific niches and can quickly do the job for you.

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