Find Convenience in Online and Continuing Education Opportunities

Adult continuing education

In recent years, children have been encouraged, above and beyond almost all else, to pursue education. For some, this means going off to college. For others, it might mean continuing their education to develop skills, or to pursue interests after they have already joined the workforce. For others, it might mean obtaining an accredited online education.

However you approach continuing your education, schools in the United States have ensured that for many students, pursuing further education is all about convenience. Online education statistics have revealed that about 62% of adults who are in such programs are also employed full time. No matter where you live there are either continuing education programs in your area, or online education opportunities. Here are just three that might conveniently meet your education needs.

New Mexico Continuing Education

New Mexico continuing education is accessible to New Mexico residents, and out of state students alike. The UNM continuing education program touts that partnerships with organizations and industries allow them to offer courses that address relevant trends and technologies. For students looking to enhance their careers through continued education, this could be a significant draw. The New Mexico continuing education programs can offer those students professional certificates in fields such as computer and information technology, digital arts, and health and wellness. For those who are unable to attend on-campus courses, online courses are offered on everything from nonprofit management to languages.

MIT Online Education

MIT is unique in its online education offerings. They make education convenient in two ways. The first is through their OpenCourseWare, or OCW, which is a collection of almost all of the school’s course content. Course materials are published online, and available to anyone with an interest in using the materials to further their education. Their second offering is Edx, a joint project with Harvard that holds live online courses. The topics of these courses range from software as a service, English, biblical studies, and food, to jazz appreciation and everything in-between.

UCLA Continuing Education

Like MIT, and UNM, UCLA offers educational opportunities for professional development or for those that are simply interested in developing new or existing skills. Like the New Mexico continuing education programs, UCLA also makes it easy for students to choose from on-campus, night and weekend courses, or online options. They host 100 different certificate programs in more than 20 fields, including professional development for educators, and instruction in theater, film, and television.

With such accessibility in online and continuing education courses, it is almost easier to sign up than it is to pass up on the opportunities that are available. Thanks to technology, continuing your education does not mean having to drop everything to attend a four year degree program full-time. A working adult, a senior, or a stay at home mom or dad can find convenient continuing education opportunities to help them meet their goals.

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