An Adjustable Bed Mattress May Help You Sleep

Adjustable beds

Are you getting the sleep you need each and every night, or are you tossing and turning, endlessly trying to sleep? If you get up in the morning and you just feel like you have not sleep one minute, you are not alone. According the American Sleep Foundation, approximately two thirds of all Americans say that they have problems getting sleep that refreshes or renews them. You might want to consider purchasing an adjustable bed mattress to alleviate these sleep problems.

Your flat mattress bed could be the culprit in your sleeplessness, and a situation that can be alleviated by an adjustable bed mattress. Flat mattresses can make your body go into positions that are uncomfortable for sleeping. According to the American Chiropractic Association, sleeping can put an estimated 50 pounds of weight on your spine alone. Talk about uncomfortable! Additionally, the National Sleep Foundation found that more than 50 percent of American adults report having chronic pain.

Adjustable bed mattresses can help with sleep positioning, as well as certain types of pain. Many people fall asleep in lounge chairs because the position they are put in lets them alleviate those uncomfortable sleep positions. This is why an adjustable bed mattress may be a great solution.

An adjustable bed mattress will let the top half of your body be positioned as it would be in a chair or couch. With all of the different positions provided by an adjustable bed mattress, you will soon find a position that will let you sleep comfortable.

There are other sleeping tips that can help you along with that adjustable bed mattress. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that if you nap during the day, these naps should be no longer than 10 to 20 minutes to remain well rested. The room where your adjustable bed mattress is should also be comfortable and well ventilated. You should have the best pillows on your adjustable bed mattress that will provide additional support for your head and neck.

An adjustable bed mattress, great sleeping conditions, and a good exercise regime may allow you to get the sleep you desire. You can them rest assured that you will wake up refreshed and ready to go.

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