Smartphones, Advances in Technology, and Security An Overview for Your Business

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Do you have a smart phone? With software and apps and internet capabilities and the hundreds of features that you might or might not even use? How do you keep it all organized? Ever consider a patch management software? Well, here are some interesting facts about smart phones in the United States.

1. An estimated 65 million Americans all own some type of smart phone.

2. An AES or Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm was created in 1998 and made into a government standard by the United States in 2001. It is largely thought of as being unbreakable.

3. Controlling the configuration and data of employee devices with MDM or Mobile Device Management supports costs and helps to reduce security risks.

4. It is projected by ABI Research that over the next 5 years more than a billion smartphones are going to enter the market.

5. In a BYOD or Build Your Own Device model to manage both software and hardware one industry framework commonly used is the Desktop Management Interface or DMI.

There have been a lot of advances in mobile device management, and one of the most important pieces of that is the fact that it has been for security off a business. Employees that have an iphone should have regimented iphone management and updated iphone security in case their device is lost or stolen. This helps to keep company information within the company and helps to give business owners peace of mind.

Patch management is also an important thing to have because software that is not up to date can make computers and mobile devices malfunction, which wastes time and can make the device insecure if it does not properly mesh with new security features or updates. Patch management software makes it far easier to stay on top of things and make sure that any devices will remain secure.

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