Save Money with Water Efficient Toilets

Bathroom sinks and faucets

Water saving toilets could be the perfect thing for anyone that wants to save money and the planet at the same time. While pressure assisted modern toilets may seem a bit more expensive than gravity toilets, and the end of the day they do a better job of removing waste with less water. High efficiency water saving toilets combine maximum flushing power with minimum water usage, which is a terrific combination.

Like walk in tubs and commercial sinks, water saving toilets are the culmination of all of their predecessors. Some people may not know that an ancestor of modern flush toilets was installed during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I at Richmond Palace, around 1600. She later refused it because of the noise that it produced.

Other people looking at water saving toilets may be unaware of how popular they are in some parts of the world. In Taiwan, Modern Toilet is a bathroom themed chain restaurant. The diners sit down to eat on non functional toilets, while their drinks and meals are served in miniature toilets, urinals and bathtubs.

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