Three great reasons to try micro greens

Edible flowers for salads

Many people across the country have been discovering the wonderful world of micro greens. Micro greens are tiny plants and herbs that can be added to a wide variety of meals. No matter what kind of food one may prefer to cook and eat, there are many different ways that these incredible little plants could prove to be both fun and useful. Whether one owns their own restaurant or they just enjoy cooking for their family, micro greens could help to open up an entire new world.

Micro greens could help to brighten up a wide variety of dishes. These delicious micro plants and herbs are often used as a garnish. Set on top of or to the side of a plate of food, they could help provide as much of a sense of awe to the eyes as they will to the taste buds. Different micro plants and herbs can be selected depending on the dish one is serving, as some colors may help to dazzle the eyes more than others.

Micro greens can also help to provide an especially wonderful sense to the tongue as well. Many of these plants are smaller versions of popular plants that are already used in cooking, such as basil and cucumber. These familiar tastes can now be added in easily to many other meals, either by setting them atop of the dishes, or mixing them in during the cooking process. Either way, micro greens can do wonders when it comes to adding new flavor to an old recipe.

Micro greens are the culmination of a great deal of work, and it shows. Whether one choose to add micro plants, flowers, herbs or sprouts to their meal, they will be purchasing a product that took great care to produce, which is even more incredible when one considers just how affordable these plants can be! Anyone can spice up their culinary life, and open up a whole new world of flavors, textures and looks when it comes to making delicious food.

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