Rabbit Repellent Options

If rabbits are snacking on your garden and eating up your flowers, fruits and vegetable before you have a chance to get to them you need to get a good rabbit repellent. Growing a garden is a lot of work and the last thing you need is for the rabbits to ruin it. If you want to keep your garden in tact find a good rabbit repellent. Choosing a good rabbit repellent will help keep your garden safe from snacking bunnies.

There are a number of methods you can use for a rabbit repellent. Some are natural methods, while others are commercial products you can buy that act as a rabbit repellent. One type of rabbit repellent is a granular commercial product that you apply once every 60 days to keep the rabbits away from your garden. Sprinkle the granular rabbit repellent around flowers, trees, shrubs and in your vegetable garden. There are also some commercial sprays you can use in your garden to keep the rabbits away. However, there are some natural things you can do that will act as a natural rabbit repellent.

For one, try using automatic sprinklers. They even have motion detection sprinklers that will turn the water on when a little rabbit goes hopping by. This will scare them off. Rabbits don’t like to get wet. There are several other things you can do like spreading cayenne pepper around your plants or red pepper flakes that will act as a rabbit repellent. If you have pets you will want to find something that is a natural solution that will be safe for your pets too.

There are all kinds of options you can choose from. If rabbits are causing you headaches and destroying your garden you can find the perfect solution by using your internet search bar. There are all kinds of discussions going on that you can read to find the perfect rabbit repellent for your needs. There are tons of vendors that offer solutions for pests in the garden online as well.

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