BPI Building Analyst

Job seekers can look into becoming a BPI building analyst if they are looking for an exciting new way to make money. A Bpi building analyst is someone who checks homes and businesses for ther energy efficiency. There are courses that one can take to get certified as a BPI building analyst. If you plan on getting into the green energy business you really should take the courses you need for certification.

Once you get certified as a BPI building analyst you will have learned the BPI standards that teach the “house as a system” approach. In other words, you’ll understand the concept of all systems being interconnected, from the HVAC to the roof, doors, windows and walls. The BPI building analyst use diagnostic equipment to determine if all systems in the home or business building are able to function together the right way. The goal is to make sure the home is maximized on performance, comfort level, energy efficiency and safety and durability.

As a BPI analyst you’ll be able inspect homes as an energy auditor. Homeowners that hire the BPI building analyst will get an energy audit back that will help them know how to make their home meet national standards of the Building Performance institute. Before being certified as a BPI building analyst the student must first pass both a written test and a hands on test out in the field.

When you are a BPI building analyst you will be in the business to help people to save money on their energy monthly energy bills. The BPI analyst will be able to identify, target and diagnose household performance problems concerning energy usage. For instance, you will identify problems like mold or areas of draft where the home is less than on par with current energy standards, etc. The energy business is a booming industry. There is plenty of room for growth in the industry for a BPI building analyst. Some employers are able to get grants for their employees so they can go to school to be a BPI building analyst.

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