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Making Business Personal

Mobile application management

A recent report has shown that half of all businesses who have employees bring their own devices expect the employees to pay for all technology costs. For the most part, employees agree to this without any struggle. More and more businesses are using computers, and it is profitable for many of them to let people use their own devices.

Of all of the people in the United States that are subscribed to mobile services, over 30 percent of them use their mobile device for business. With such a large amount of computer and internet use for business that is done on personal devices, companies are having trouble regulating and updating the equipment that their business is being run on.

Patch management software deals with big companies keeping the computers that do their business, including personal computers, up to date and virus free. This deals with iphone management and iphone security as well. As employees are using their own devices, like iphones, tablets, and blackberries, IT departments have been developing more patch management software to keep up.

Some things that are helping patch management software to be effective include the strong encryption system on blackberries. Software as a service (SAAS), along with on premise models, are capable of being used for mobile device management. Also, the Configurator from Apple lets users configure 30 IOS devices at one time. These features of devices are helping businesses to keep up with personal device usage.

Businesses can often profit by letting employees use their own devices, but it can also be tricky. They need good patch management software to keep devices up to date and free of viruses. Read more like this:

Moving Out West

Boise real estate listings

Boise is not only the largest city in Southwestern Idaho. It is the largest city between Salt Lake City, Utah and Portland, Oregon. While much of the Pacific Northwest is a vast expanse of rolling plains, Boise real estate listings show that there are Boise houses for sale.

Boise, in its current location, was founded in 1863 as a fort to protect Oregon trail travelers from Indian attacks. Even though it was during the heat of the Civil War, Native Americans were massacring enough people trying to travel that the fort was necessary.

Boise real estate of the time was booming, as Boise became the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest by the mid 1860s. Located on the Boise River, it was an ideal location for a fort at the time, and westward expansion was a theme in America.

Today, the biggest business in Boise is Boise State University. It is a large school that is widely known for its sports programs. Boise Idaho real estate benefits greatly from the school. Boise real estate has also found homes for several celebrities. Among those currently residing in Boise, Idaho are the singer Paul Revere and the retired baseball player Bill Buckner.

Boise real estate offers a chance for people to make a historical and successful city their home. The city has much to offer, and it is a hub in the Pacific Northwest. Read more: